Automatic Vehicle Dimension Measurement System

As a result of long-term R & D efforts TRUCKSCAN automatic vehicle dimension measurement system is designed to measure length, width and height of the vehicles with using advanced technology. This system is mainly used at Vehicle Inspection Stations, Legal Authority and Institution, International Transport and Logistics Companies, Vehicles and Vehicle Equipment Manufacturers, Logistics Service Areas for the purpose of measuring vehicles' dimensions.

In principle, the system works with laser sensor technology, it measures the width, height, and length of vehicles through scanning them automatically. The results which is obtained very short time and the vehicle scanned three-dimensional profile can be transferred to the computer. However, if it is preferred the external display shows the measurement results, number plates and vehicle class can be determined. It is also possible that all datas can be recorded to the DMS Dimension Measuring Software databes. It is an option that all datas can also be transferred to the central network unit and it is provided to make integration of existing automation systems

General Features

  • High Measurement Accuracy
  • Low Investment Cost
  • Short Period Of Installation and Start-Up
  • Automatic Calibration
  • 3 Dimension Vehicle Profile Imaging
  • High Performance At All Weather Conditions

DMS-S Static Dimension Measurement System

DMS-S static dimension measurement system is specially designed for facilities like Vehicle Inspection Stations which has limited space and vehicle must be stable during process The dimension measurement process occurs with scanning the vehicles through the special rail system which is placed on the working space.

DMS-D Dynamic Dimension Measurement System

DMS-D dynamic dimension measurement system is specially designed for facilities like vehicle weighing and dimension control stations, international transport and logistics companies, logistics service areas, port management where the serial and intensive traffics are valid. The measurement process occurs while the vehicles are passing from the dimension measurement system which is placed on the field determined before.

high speed weigh in motion
high speed weigh in motion
high speed weigh in motion
high speed weigh in motion
high speed weigh in motion

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