High Speed Weigh in Motion

High speed weigh in motion system (WIM) system is generally used as pre-selection system for low speed WIM stations. Piezoelectric sensors are generally used in High Speed Weigh in Motion system. The sensors can be easily installed which are suitable for different widths of lines on the highways with different lengths on surface coatings like asphalt, concrete, etc, without any problem. The installation of the sensors are completed easily and commissioned in a short time.

Number of axles, axle weights, gross weight of the vehicles, class of vehicle, lane speed, length, improper lane change, etc datas of the vehicle which are passing through the system are calculated by measurement system by loop detectors and piezoelectric sensors. All measurement datas can be transferred to the computer which is already connected to WIM process equipment.

The system comprises the weight measurement sensors, loop detectors and control unit located into a cabinet placed beside the road. Electronic measurement equipment's of high speed WIM system to take part in this control cabinet. The control cabinet can be mounted on a column or available place near roadside.

Number plate recognition and image of acquisition camera system which enables recording overloaded vehicles, and dimension measurement system which enables measuring height of the vehicles can be integrated to the system. Furthermore, with a system monitoring center option, the camera and measurement information about the vehicles which are passed on the system can be transferred to the computer located in the system monitoring system and remote monitoring of all operations can be achieved.

General Features

  • COST 323 Class B
  • Accurate weighing at low and high vehicle speeds
  • Determining axle weights and gross weight of the vehicles
  • Designating number of axles, axle groups, speed and vehicle class
  • Lane violation warning
  • Vehicle traffic management with variable message and signalization system
  • Full integration with low speed WIM system
  • Easily managable weighing processes by HSWimScale software
  • Vehicle identification with ANPR and image acquisition camera system (option)
  • Measuring vehicle height (option)


Automatic Vehicle Dimension Measurement System

Automatic License Plate Reader

Escaped Vehicle Camera System

VMS Variable Message Sign

high speed weigh in motion
high speed weigh in motion
high speed weigh in motion
high speed weigh in motion
high speed weigh in motion

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